What is the thing that a wife should do to keep husband happy?

A wife can keep her husband happy by understanding him completely and behaving accordingly. To have a successful marriage, the wife and husband should have the friendship, mutual trust, and respect towards each other.

Every person has some strengths and vulnerabilities. Here is what a wife can do to make her husband happy and have a successful married life together.

  • Please check out what bothers him and be a solution to his problem. Work out on the possibilities and try to support him.

  • Try to share his burdens and be a support pillar.

  • Understand his point of view before jumping into conclusions.

  • Value his ego. Respect his priorities. Then you will obviously gain a better position in his heart.

  • Respect his parents, siblings, and friends. Understand his strengths and weaknesses, but never play with them.

  • Try to be his supporter, friend, guide and treat him with love and affection.

There is actually nothing new a wife can do to make her husband happy. Behave with common sense, be humble but never let yourself down, because "Only a Strong Pillar can Support a Great Structure".

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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