What is the size of a desert rain frog?

Breviceps Macrops is known as the desert rain frog. This species belongs to the “Brevicipitidae” family, found only in Namibia and South Africa. The narrow strip of sandy shores that form in between the sea and the sand dunes is their natural habitat.

The desert frog spends the day in a moist sand burrow dug up to the depth of 10-20cms. Unlike normal frogs, the desert frogs crawl and walk instead of hopping, as they have a stout body and webbed toes, hopping would be difficult.

There are some interesting facts regarding this rare animal which is on the verge of extinct.

  • The desert frog is a very tiny, plump species of amphibians with bulging eyes.

  • They have a remarkably short snout and short limbs and they have webbed toes on spade-like feet.

  • It has a transparent area of skin on the underside through which the internal organs can be seen.

  • It has a yellowish-brown colour and often found to have sand adhering to its skin.

  • It has a very unusual high-pitched voice (cry) which is similar to that of a squeaky toy.

  • The breeding of the desert frogs is done by the direct development of eggs laid in the burrow. There is no aqueous tadpole stage.

  • The desert frog size ranges from 4mm-6mm.

  • Surprisingly they have a long lifespan of 4-15years.

  • The desert frogs dig a burrow almost 10 times of their size, i.e., 10cms.

  • The desert frogs need a moist atmosphere to survive, hence they are found in foggy places and stay active at night time. They spend most of the day burrowed in the sand and comes out in the night to feed on insects and their larvae.

  • Like other ferocious African animals, the Desert Rain Frog lets out a fearsome roar when threatened, which doesn't suit its minor size.