What is the salary of Indian Prime Minister, and What other perks they get?

The post of Prime Minister of India, for one of the largest and most populated countries in the world, is not an easy position to hold. Since the Prime Minister of the country has to undergo a lot of pressure and work, there are obviously some perks that he or she will be eligible for.

Let us see what is the salary of the prime minister is and what are the perks and luxuries that he can access when he is in the post of the prime minister.

  • The monthly salary of the Prime Minister of India is approximately 1,60,000 rupees. This amount is just including the basic pay of 50,000 rupees, some sumptuous grant which is around 3000 rupees, a daily allowance of 2000 rupees and finally a constituency grant that amounts to 45000 rupees.

  • The prime minister makes an annual income of more than 19,00,000 and most people might be wondering as to why one of the most powerful citizens in the country is making much lesser than many industrialists and other big shots. What the people should understand is that the Prime Minister gets many perks from the government even after he stops working.

  • The Prime Minister receives a lot of perks from the government while he holds the office, and even after he stops working, he will receive a pension from the government for his whole lifetime.

  • During the term in office, the Prime Minister is provided with an official residence that is fully furnished known as the Panchavati, and food and transportation are taken care of.

  • The prime minister uses the ministerial state car which is presently the BMW 750i and also when he has to travel to different countries or states then he has the official air India one aircraft under his service.

  • The pension includes accommodation that will not charge any rent and they can stay there for the whole of their lives.

  • Once they have stepped down from the post then they will have free access to all the trains in India and can travel wherever and whenever they want for the lifetime and 6 executive class domestic air tickets for a year.

  • For the first five years after their retirement, they will have a secretarial team of 14 people who are appointed and paid by the Government.

  • After the completion of the first five years, then they will be provided with one personal assistant and a peon and Rs.6000 per month to maintain the office.