What is the salary of ethical hacker in India?

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) earns an average salary of Rs 367,249 per year and the relevant experience strongly influences pay for this job which goes more than 15 lakh per year.

A hacker is an expert in computer and network expert, who helps companies to realize their vulnerabilities. they are named as Hackers and Red Team etc., and work for businesses or government organizations.

The ethical hacker has the proficient knowledge of various operating systems and hacking processes and techniques etc and needs to be updated all the time to grab any kind of threats. An ethical hacker is the most important part of the IT security or cybersecurity.

According to Nasscom, India is in a need of 77,000 Certified Ethical Hackers every year and unfortunately, it has only 15,000 in a year. So guys, try your skills in hacking as ethical hacking is very bright and rewarding career.