Meeta saves $Rs.\ 4000$ from her salary. If this is $10 \%$ of her salary. What is her salary?

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Given: Meeta saves $Rs.\ 4000$ from her salary. This is $10 \%$ of her salary. 

To do: To find her salary.


Let Meera’s salary be Rs. $x$.

Now, 10% of salary $= Rs.\ 400$

$\Rightarrow\ 10$ % of $x = Rs.\ 400$

$\Rightarrow\ \frac{10}{100}\times x=400$

$\Rightarrow x=\frac{400\times100}{10}$

$\Rightarrow\ x=4000$

Hence, Meera’s salary is $Rs.\ 4,000$
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