What is the most shocking truth ever revealed to you?

I was away from home for my studies and one day I got the news that my father is no more. This loss shook me from the core so much that I embraced smoking and I don’t know when it became an addiction. I could not conceal my addiction from my mom and was caught one day. She did not say a word at that moment and simply left. I woke up late the next morning by the time she left for her office. While having breakfast, I saw a note under the coasters’ stand. I pulled it and started reading,

“My Dearest Son,

I never revealed to you that how did your father die. I am so sorry to hide this truth from you but my intention was just to save from looking down on your father and start hating him. But I can’t conceal it anymore. The truth is he died of cancer, which was caused due to excessive smoking and I do not want my only son also end his life due to this fatal addiction.

Your loving mother”