What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Recently I had this wonderful experience of life. One domestic pigeon built its nest with some dry sticks, in one of the flower pots, in our corner balcony. It laid 2 eggs on the same day. My servant maid noticed it and said "Madam, let us remove these eggs before the pigeon comes back. The pigeon won't allow us to water the plant and will sit on the eggs all the time, it will be a nuisance for us".


But I and my husband did not want to do it. We felt It is ok if one plant dies but we did not want to kill the babies. We let the eggs be like that and after two days, I noticed the pigeon sitting on the eggs all day and night to give them warmth and protection. Everyday morning, I used to go and see that pigeon. It sat there tirelessly all day and night for 15 days. I don't know when it fed itself. I have never see the pigeon leave the place.

I realized that patience is the virtue of any mother. Through this entire process, I have never seen the male pigeon !!


One fine morning, I saw the egg shells on the balcony floor. I thought the babies have come out and felt so happy. I immediately called my husband and showed him the egg shells. That day, we have celebrated the birth of the baby pigeons in our home.

Next day morning I went to the balcony eager to see the babies. Still, the pigeon was hiding the babies covering them with her wings and protecting them. After 4 days, it left the babies and went to get them food. It was only then, I could see the most beautiful baby pigeons on the earth, which took birth in my home.

Baby Pigeon

Today morning, I saw the pigeon feeding the babies and their little noises were music to my ears. I felt all the happiness in the world seeing that beautiful scene.

Suddenly, I realized that motherhood is the most beautiful and greatest thing in the world. Every mother, irrespective of its species cares for its offsprings. It is seen everywhere in God's creation, in every creature on the earth.