What Is the Mayr Method: All that You Want to Know

Have you heard of the Mayr Method? Celebrities like Rebel Wilson recently credited this program for helping them achieve their impressive weight loss results. But what is it, and how does it work? In this blog post, we look at the popular diet to provide all the details. We also consulted registered dietitians who explain why they believe or don't believe in using a strict plan like Wilson's approach to lose weight safely and sustainably. Read on as we break down everything there is to know about The Mayr Method!

Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight With the Mayr Method?

The new dashing look of Rebel Wilson has left everyone's jaws on the floor. If you have been following Rebel, you must know that 2002 was quite remarkable for her. The actress has been an inspiration for 11 million followers. She's been hitting the gym regularly and updating her fitness journey on Instagram.

People magazine believes the secret behind her weight loss is the Mayr Method diet. It is a restrictive program for achieving significant weight loss by following a diet for a healthy gut.

People reported that Wilson and her friends visited Vivamayr. For those who don't know, Vivamayr is a luxury medical detox and wellness center.

The magazine claims that the actress incorporated the Mayr Method into her diet during her stay at the resort in 2019. However, Rebel Wilson completely denies it. In fact, she called out all the publications about these articles that were merely based on speculations.

However, her claim doesn't hold much ground. She posted a picture on IG from Vivamayr.

The post's caption includes the text, "Oh, it's soooo good to be back at @vivamayraltaussee ?? working the Mayr method to reset my system for the rest of the working year!"

Vivamayr is founded upon the principle of the Mayr Method of diet and lifestyle plan. It was developed in 1920 by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, a renowned Austrian Physician.

Even though Wilson denied following the diet on her fitness journey, her latest post has confused her fans and followers.

So what Exactly is the Mayr Method Diet? Is it safe for you? Is it Worth your Money?

Let’s know that!

What Is the Mayr Method Diet?

The Mayr Method diet has been since 1920. Created by Austrian physician Franz Xaver Mayr, aka F.X. Mayr, the diet follows a regime to clean the gut. It focuses on foods that strengthen your digestive system.

The main idea is that the gut is the root cause of all most health issues. Promoting a healthy digestive system can help people live healthy and happy lives.

If you plan to follow the diet, you need to visit VivaMayr wellness retreats. You may have to stay there for weeks. The diet comprises a blend of modern medicines with traditional diagnostics and therapies.

The doctors first treat your condition you will be asked to follow a proper nutrition plan. Along with that, you also have to do some physical and mental exercises.

Celebrities Who Opted for the Mayr Method of Diet

Although the Mayr Method went viral after the Rebel Wilson story, there were other celebrities who claimed to benefit from this method. Some names include Theresa May, Karlie Kloss, Samantha Cameron, and Suki Waterhouse. 

All of the above celebrities went through an intense 7-day detox program. It is a specially formulated dietary regimen to purge toxins from the body, leaving you feeling energetic, vibrant, and toned.

What Happens in the Mayr Program?

The Mayr method believes that the gut is the origination point of your immune system. That's why the program focuses purely on detoxifying your stomach.

According to many clients, the first step of the diet is to follow a restricted diet. This aims towards calming down the body. Besides this short-term fasting, you will be prescribed additional cleansing therapies. This includes vitamins and supplements to lower your body's pH levels.

Besides sticking to a restricted diet, you should also avoid alcohol, caffeinated products, and sugar. Instead of sugar, you can take stevia- a natural and calorie-free form of sugar.

You can expect mood changes and occasional headaches within 3-4 days. However, you will recover it well as your body accommodates the new changes.

Detoxifying is considered the bloodline of all dietary programs. Cleansing your digestive system and re-training your body towards a healthy food habits is a must.

Regimen of the Mayr Diet Program

Below are some key points which helps to maintain Mayr Diet Program.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

You must wake up before 7 am and have a teaspoon of Epsom salt with warm water. Epsom works as an excellent laxative. The salt breaks down greasy and adamant toxins from your liver, bile tract, and stomach. Then safely flush them out from your body.

The only downside is you must spend more time in the toilet. However, once everything is clear, you will feel lighter as air.

Next, you have a daily shower ritual. This includes dry body brushing to open up clogged pores in your body and let the toxins flush out. Then you need to do a hot and cold shower to boost the blood circulation in your body.

Followed by that, you have your usual detoxification process. Next comes the oil-pulling ritual to further boost the detox process.

Go Big on Breakfast and Small at Dinner

Our stomach remains the most active between 7 am-9 am. That's why the Mayr method encourages eating heartily at breakfast. Some recommended foods include potatoes with linseed oil, vegetable soup, and warm quinoa porridge. 

The diet recommends a combination of protein and fat for lunch and dinner. According to the diet, protein, and fat can help lose weight, while carbs and fat cause weight gain. For a midday meal, you can go for a combo of healthy fat and protein as an alkaline soup, veggies, and fish/meat.

For dinner, you should keep it low and warm. This is because our metabolism remains low during sleep. Plus, warm food helps with faster digestion. So focus on light meals like vegetable soup or broth. Meanwhile, avoid carbs, raw fruit, nuts, and raw veggies.

Chew Your Food

The fundamental principle of a sound digestive system is to chew your food 40-60 times every bite. Chewing infuses your food with saliva. This increases the food's volume, making it easier for digestive enzymes to break down food particles.

As a result, you can digest your food easily without stressing out your digestive system. Plus, chewing your food make you feel satiated eating less.

Use Cold-pressed Oils

The Mayr method recommends taking cold-pressed oils at every meal. This includes taking linseed, MCT, and other oils that increase metabolism.


Ultimately, the Mayr method is a comprehensive overlapping of nutrition and mental wellbeing. Not only does it focus on toxin elimination from the body through whole foods, rest and relaxation but it provides an opportunity to shift your mindset on food. The diet has been popular amongst celebrities such as Rebel Wilson who have reported positive effects from her journey with the Mayr Method. While a Registered Dietitian should be consulted before starting any new regiment for weight loss, the holistic approach this method provides could be beneficial in promoting health beyond sustenance alone. Whatever dieting choice you decide on, make sure you're taking care of both your mind and body.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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