What is the easy way to make friends in a new school?

Either in a school or college, it is often hard to get adjusted quickly and to get friends or make some contacts with different people. Any new vicinity offers you some challenges like this. This is the time you should bear the patience and need to work on it.

Be Stable

Keep your mind stable and pleasant. Try to introduce yourself with a simple smile. Give a brief introduction of yours and let others also introduce. Show some interest in knowing about them and compliment gently. Don’t be too active or too enthusiastic. Keep your emotions constant.

Be Kind and Nice in your Approach

Behave in a kind manner and try to be helpful and polite to everyone. Let them know that you have certain standards and personal discipline so that the ones who like to take some advantage of your goodness won’t dare to. Be like a strong mind with the soft shell. This will attract many friends but won’t trouble you.

Value Everyone

Never be harsh in your speech. Learn the subtle ways of dealing with people. Though you want to say a strong "No", say that politely, without hurting others. Of course, you may be a bit harsh if your self-esteem is at stake.

Value everyone in your place and wish with a warm smile. Everybody deserves to be treated well. Your behavior gets a good amount of contacts for you always.