What is the difference between home and house?

  • Home is where the heart is !! One may be staying in a rented building and with a good deal of happy moments.

  • House is just a material thing. You can buy a house, but not a home.

  • You can 'feel at home' or 'not feel at home' in a house. House is also a verb. You can be housed or re-housed.

  • You can buy a big, fancy house with money, but not a happy home.

  • A family is ‘homeless’, never 'houseless.'

  • People who are away from their homes often complain about being homesick, not house sick.

  • There may be thousands of houses in the city, but there is one and only home where our dear mother cooks delicious food that you relish every day and crave for it in the moments of separation.

Thus, home is where happiness resides and happiness depends upon the presence of your loved ones. Therefore, “to love and to be loved” can both take place in a home, not in a house in my opinion.