What is the diet to suppress appetite?

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Controlling the level of appetite plays an important role in weight loss, staying healthy, or changing your daily eating habits. There are numerous tips and guidelines that will really help to suppress the level of appetite.

Out of these tips, some of them include getting rid of refined carbohydrates, give sufficient exposure to sun, and drink plenty of water in your daily routine. Apart from this, you can also add some specific foods to your daily diet plan and can easily reduce appetite level.


Nuts are great sources of fiber and also contain healthy fats that can help to lower down the level of cholesterol and kill the appetite, which digests much slower so that it may remain within the stomach for a longer period of time as compared to some other carbohydrates. Just to know that 1/4 cup of almonds has only 4 grams of fiber.


According to various studies conducted by Nutrition Journal, it is confirmed that if you take half a fresh avocado in your lunch, this can help you to keep your stomach full for the rest of the time in the afternoon. Researchers said that people who did this felt 22% more pleased and had a minimal wish (24%) to have some snack, approx. 3 hrs later than on the normal days when they consumed an equivalent calorie meal without the avocado.


Apple is the best fruit that can help to suppress appetite. You can have it as a snack in the morning or afternoon or at any time. Apples are very rich in fiber that helps to keep you feeling full. Additionally, its high water content also helps in filling your belly. The pectin present in apples is very useful to prevent blood sugar spikes, which spur hunger.

Published on 28-Dec-2018 12:14:10