What is the cure for Peripheral Neuropathy?

We know that our peripheral nervous system connects the nerves from our brain and spinal cord to the parts of the body like hands, legs, face, and other internal organs of the body. If you touch the fire with your hand, the peripheral nerves send the signals about the physical sensations to the brain and you will feel the burning sensation in your hand.

The disease Peripheral Neuropathy causes malfunction of these nerves and disorder due to the damage to the peripheral nerves. The normal functioning of the nerves is disturbed and you may get signals of pain when there’s no pain caused to you, or there is no sensation even when something is harming.

This disorder may be a result of an infection, an injury, or some long-term or systematic illness like diabetes, or can be even an inherited disorder. This may affect your skin, muscles, and internal organs.

The disorder is uncomfortable, but there are good treatments to cure this. It is very important to treat the underlying disorder like diabetes or vitamin deficiency to eliminate this completely. Other treatments include

  • Medication - Doctor will prescribe the medicines based on the symptoms.

  • Medical treatments - Blood transfusion, Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation (TENS), Ergonomic casts or splints on your feet, legs, hands, and arms can be done.

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage

  • Meditation and Yoga