What is the career prospect in drone technology?

Jobs in drone technology-driven enterprises are the jobs of the future because drones are going to play a very crucial role across a large number of industries in future. Many youngsters think that jobs in the drone domain involve just engineering and technological openings but the fact is there are many other openings which don't require you to be a technological wizard.

Drone Piloting

This is one specialization that is already opening up many opportunities for youngsters. Drones are finding application in different sectors like mining, security services including private security for industrial and commercial assets, disaster management, logistics and many others. The application areas are only going to increase in the months and years ahead and the early entrants will enjoy the headstart.

Use In Defense

The Indian economy which is the fastest growing major economy has a vibrant homegrown drone technology development industry for both commercial and defense applications. At the same time, the Indian defense establishment and many businesses are importing drones in very large numbers making India the largest importer of drones with around 23% of drone imports globally.

This has already created many opportunities and with future growth expected to rise sharply, job opportunities in this sector will also rise proportionately.

Who Will Be Required?

Engineering graduates and science graduates who have majored in physics with IT qualifications will be preferred more than others, at least, at this stage when the job opportunities are mainly in the drone technology development segment. The real opportunities will open up when the logistics and other commercial players start using drones to deliver last mile services.


Drone piloting jobs will increase exponentially when many sectors like food processing, packaging and e-commerce will start growing faster. Presently, just 10% of India's farm output is processed; when this will double or treble in a few years, packaging will accompany this growth followed by e-commerce and logistics. That's when drone piloting opportunities will shoot up exponentially.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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