How Technology can Boost your Career

We never think about the complexities involved in the basic things we use daily. However the luxuries we enjoy are just because of the advancement in technologies, and it’s a beautiful thought to try and understand how to use these everyday tech apps to improve your career goals and plans.

Adopting and learning new technologies is no more limited to techies, as it has today become a basic necessity for individuals in each and every field. Beginners also realize now that they need to learn and practice new concepts so that they can prove their worth to the recruiting world.

Sometimes a technology might sound scary or confusing to learn and understand it, but people have to realize that the way forward is by moving with the world, and technology is the one progressive tool that helps the world prepare for the future.

Given below are 9 ways in which technology can boost your career, help you achieve your career goals, objectives and take it to a new level.

Technology helps in Career Planning and Discussions

Technology can help the employees stay in touch with their supervisors by having better discussions about various career options and development process available. Active career discussion helps the employees realize their ambitions and get a clear picture of it with the help of the others in the discussion. This also helps in improving performance, learning new processes.

These career discussions help the managers prepare a documented performance review report of the employees, which helps them discuss the areas where the employees need to focus more, and their areas of strength. These review reports also include one’s talent, skills, career plan, objectives and goals.

How Technology Encourages Career Development Multi-Directionally

In today’s hectic busy life schedule, both the employees and the supervisors need to be able to perform multiple tasks at one time. It is important to have some idea about all the fields, and explore all the career options.

This helps the employees experiment with new ideas, learn new skills, have a career plan, try things outside their comfort zone, expand balance work life. Talent pools are built through technology to help supervisors select appropriate roles for their employees.

These are selected on the basis of the performance review report and the technical skills possessed by the employees. It doesn’t matter what is the ultimate goal of the employees, but what their skills are. These pools give correct idea to the management, HR team and the supervisor about the skills and abilities of their employees.

Technology Enables to Choose from Within

When a new job vacancy opens, instead of recruiting a new candidate from outside, the first option should be to choose from within the company. This not only saves the time of training a new candidate but also boosts employee’s morale and improves their skills. Another side is good for the company’s budget and working environment.

Using a planning strategy with talent pools helps the company acknowledge employees at different stages of readiness all over the company. This is a simple way to enlist all the eligible candidates for the vacant position. Also, the idea of publicizing vacancies within even when there are no qualified candidates in talent pool is a good idea, as this test gives us all the highly potential employees.

Technology gives us the Power to Charge our own Career Development

In addition to the full support and cooperation from the supervisor, it is the employees who have to take initiative and make plans about their own career goals and plans.They have to set deadlines and expect to meet their targets by the time they have allocated to them.

Appropriate use of technology tools helps employees showcase their talent and master skill set. This helps them expand their areas and also make them more versatile, follow their goals and achieve them.

Technology Improves our Understanding of the Basics

It is very rare to see a break-out innovation come up very often. Instead, the same processes keeps getting improved on a regular basis to provide ease of use. It’s just like smartphones evolving out of basic phones, and continuing to become better every day.

It is very important to understand the basics of the technology tools that are being used, as this not only helps in gaining more knowledge but also makes one wise and more efficient. The tools of technology include the simple things we use daily, like the cell phones, tabloids, computers, internet etc.

Technology helps in staying Connected 24*7

It is very important to understand how technology can be efficiently used to assist the network like search for a new job, learn a new process etc. Technology is not always about gadgets used by techies, in fact it is simply using phone to communicate, locate, track a location or connecting to the social media just like Twitter or Instagram. Experts say that it’s impossible for a job-seeker to be able to get an opportunity now if he/she is not conversant with modern-age technology.

Technology helps us in being more Productive

All of us use cellphones, laptops and other gadgets for work and all sorts of entertainment, but the aim of these tools is more than just being used for these purposes. One can become more efficient and productive with the help of new apps in these tools. Like using some tabloid apps to learn new things, get direction, help others or infact learning to develop new apps.

It is a must for all to know how to use a computer and some common softer applications. This can be done by taking some classes at the workplace itself or engaging in training classes outside to learn applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft excel, Adobe Acrobat X etc.

Technology is the Channel to Update our Knowledge

Technology undergoes constant improvement with every passing day. The best way to be updated on the recent changes is keep referring to knowledge sources. For example, a software engineer needs to learn about all the new and ongoing programming languages, in addition needs to understand conceptual languages like Java, C++.

Knowledge expands with interest, so one has to take interest in learning about the new tools and processes. A person trained on the latest developed process is always given more preference than one who possess knowledge about the old version of the same process or application.

In Conclusion

Technology plays a very important role in boosting one’s career and enhancing efficiency. It is very important to learn about the devices from the basics so that one can have a clear idea about it.

People hunting for new jobs need to learn and adopt with the new tech tools, applications and processes. At the same time, working professionals need to keep themselves updated so that they can handle the demands of an ever-changing It scenario.

It won’t be wrong to quote that learning and mastering new technological skills is the ladder of success, be it to start own business or be it to work for any multinational company.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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