What is the biggest loss you have ever in your life?

Once all of our friends from our Engineering College, only boys went for a picnic to Gandipet. There was not much water in the lake. We had lunch and started playing some games. Suddenly somebody proposed "Truth" or "Dare". We sat in a circle and kept an empty water bottle in the centre. One will rotate the bottle and when the bottle stops in your direction you have to answer the question. Either to tell the truth or dare to do the act that was given by the group.

My best friend Murali got a question that "Did you ever kiss a girl". He was not ready to answer that question. So he said he will dare and do whatever was told by the group. Everybody knows that he is a good swimmer. So the boys asked him to dive into the lake and swim.

He was ready in a minute and removed his clothes and dived into the lake. All of us from the banks were cheering him and he was enjoying his swim. Suddenly we saw him struggle and within no time he was drowning. Nobody realized what is happening. I got panic and started crying for help and everybody started shouting for help. One or two persons know how to swim but could not dare. Some policemen came running and they got into the lake and started searching for him. After 10 mins they got his dead body outside. We were stunned.

There was cloth (some chunni) got wrapped around his leg. The policemen explained that Murali thought he was caught by a snake and was struggling to get rid of that from his leg and lost balance, and this caused the drowning. It was a big shock for all of us. Somebody who was with us laughing and playing with us till now is lying there dead in 10 mins.

I can never forget that incident. Losing my best friend is the biggest loss of my life.