What is the best way to stop Brain Drain?

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In the past few decades, Brain Drain has become one of the major issues in India considering the migration of intelligentsia to countries in Europe, America, and Australia in search of better prospects. This issue is studied with respect to the push and the pull factors. The push factors include lack of opportunities in your motherland, poverty, corruption, and lack of incentives

In order to solve the issue of brain drain, various steps have to be taken by all forms of organizations- governmental, non-governmental, profit-based, public-private partnerships, etc. There are some basic initiatives that can tackle brain-drain which are:

  • Rural Development − Villages form the soul of proper and effective development in India. The ‘Young India’ actually wants to contribute to the progress of the nation but the issues crop up when there is a dearth of opportunities. There can be various employment opportunities developed in the sectors of education, women empowerment, agriculture, handicrafts, etc where highly skilled youth can contribute to the development and also earn a decent income through their contribution.

  • Tackling under-employment − The companies recruiting employees should take utmost care to resolve any form of underemployment in their organization. A person should be given job based on his interest, caliber and academic merit. The designation and post assigned to a person plays a very important role in the performance and efficiency of work.

  • Proper payment policy − The salary paid to an employee is one of the determining factors for the job satisfaction. The payment needs to be structured and proper monetary incentives should be paid whenever necessary. The salaries are one of the most important economic factors that lead to brain-drain as the employee finds the payment attractive in the other countries.

  • Taxation − There are a lot of reviews by economists who strongly believe that the taxation policy in India leaves much lesser scope for savings. Also, the allied issues remain in the dissatisfaction of taxes not being utilized to solve various issues in the country. Taxes thus hamper the mindset of a person in two ways by pinching their pockets and with issues like corruption, red tapism, etc.

  • Placements in the country − More Indian companies in pharmaceuticals, electronics, ICT, etc should employ the recent graduate with lucrative packages, allowances, and decent working conditions. This helps in encouraging the youngsters to work in India itself and earn the benefit of their merit.

  • Work Culture − It is a known fact that most organizations in India do not work on strong principles and work culture. This leads to politics within an organization, communication gaps, absence of grievance redressal, etc leading to stress and anxiety in the employees. Many employees migrate to countries abroad with expectation of decent work atmosphere in lieu of staying with improper work culture.

Updated on 17-May-2022 06:21:21