What is the best thing one can achieve through Human form of life?

A human being is the most amazing creature on this earth. While all the other things like hunger, sleep, lust, emotions, etc. are the same for animals and human beings, it is the knowledge that keeps us exceptional. Now, what is this knowledge that is so exceptional? Is it about inventions and technology or about business and development?

Aren’t We Developing?

Well, it is more about being human. The consciousness that enables us to think properly should always be enlightened. What is the use of technology when there is no common sense applied? What is the meaning of development when there is no humanity?

One may question me, “What do you acquire from this?” Well, I would say, “Do you ever realize what you are losing running behind everything losing the basic human nature?” Fine, let’s make it simple. If it is not for our comfort, happiness and fulfilling our wishes, what are we here for? The very answer is, “To know who we are!”


According to Vedas, you are a soul that shifts from body to body through many lives. The deeds of your present will decide your future body. But, of all the bodies, it is the human body which helps you to achieve the purpose of your soul. This knowledge is nothing but Soul-Consciousness, explained in Srimad Bhagavadgita.

Which Knowledge Do We Need?

If a person who gets drifted away by the currents of a stream has to be saved, it is the person but neither his clothes nor belongings that is need to be saved. Similarly, when you try to acquire the knowledge of this materialistic world and get satisfied with it, the person has not been saved yet. It is the spiritual knowledge, along with the soul consciousness that has to be learned. There could be nothing more for one to achieve through the human form of life.