What is the best help you have ever provided to anyone?

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam had once mentioned that you can become ‘Handsome’ by giving you hand to some i.e. someone who is in dire need of help or assistance. It is fact of life that ‘life is all about living it for others and providing a helping hand’. Indeed, life becomes meaningful when we reduce our selfish attitude to work for others. Helping someone teaches us the quality of being humble and also grateful for whatever we have. Here are some ways in which the best help can be provided to someone from our end -

Financial Help

Money cannot be everything in someone’s life but there is no denial of the fact that each one of us cannot lead a stable life with proper financial stability. Each one of us goes through financial crunches. At these junctures, even a bit of financial support is similar to a few drops of water in a desert. This can be mainly during emergencies like accidents or chronic illness. But it is important to make sure that the sum of the amount offered should be within your own economic capacity as well.

Emotional Support

Help needs not to be materialistic all the time. No man can be an island. Social relationships are a part and parcel of life. Hence, giving necessary support to others at times of their emotional turmoil is also extremely significant. This can be in the form of giving the right advice, mentoring and coaching your friends or by simply being a listening ear to their problems. Majority of the cases of emotional turmoil happen mainly because of the absence of an individual to understand and support in the problems of life. We all require emotional support as problems are an integral part of our life.

Social Support

This form of support is mainly in extreme circumstances. Though we have progressed extensively in different areas, there are still some social norms and beliefs that lead to ostracization of certain individuals who do not adhere to the majority. At times like these, you can help them by merely letting them know that you respect their views and opinions. This too helps them in many ways.

Career and Goal Setting

If you are an individual who has achieved a good position with the education received and work experience, you can surely help the younger members with your family or students of NGOs to select appropriate career options and give them the necessary guidance. Students always hunt for role models who inspire them to select right trajectory in life.

Educational Help

There is one point universally accepted that the privileged section of our society can do a lot to uplift the marginalized ones. One of the ways is to help poor children receive a good education. Sponsoring the kid for higher studies, providing books and other materials, are some forms of help that can be offered.