What is suspicious email detection in Information Security?

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Suspicious email detection is a type of mailing system where suspicious users are recognized by deciding the keywords used by him. The suspicious keywords are discovered in the mails which are sent by the user. All the blocked mails are tested by the management and recognize the users who have sent such mails.

Suspicious mail detection is a type of system by which suspected users are identified by recognizing the types of words. Words can be as hijacking, explosion which can be discovered in their mails which they send to others. These type of mails are tested by the admin and then the admin can figure out the integrity of these users who have sent these mails.

This type of system will operate in discovering unethical elements. This will also support better security to the system who determines to adapt it. This can also operate in Law Enforcement, and other department of government offices to monitor of some suspicious activity. This system can support information and documenting about an incident.

This type of system can work in discovering out of suspicious mails and can also support reliable data on time so that proper action can be taken and the crime rate can reduce.

The proposed work will provide in discovering out anti-social elements. This supports the security to system which modify it. This also provide the intelligence bureau, crime branch, etc. Insurance premium computation, for quarterly, half yearly and annually is completely automated provide us a reliable environment.

The system supports claim documenting and status enquiry. The proposed work will be beneficial for recognizing the suspicious email and also help the investigators to receive the information in time to take effective actions to decrease the criminal activities.

E-mail is one of the most popular, quickest and cheapest means of connection. It has become an element of everyday life for millions of people, changing the method and it can work and collaborate. Email messages can be sent to an individual or teams.

A single email can spread between millions of people within few point. Nowadays, most individuals even cannot conceive the life without email. For those reasons, email has develop into a broadly used medium for communication of terrorists as well.

Detecting Suspicious and criminal activities previous to the attacks and supporting security to the people is the challenging service for the investigators or administrator Email. It is a technology that contains passing and sending data from one place to another, using device and the Internet.

It is beneficial in both the personal and professional life. As Electronic mail is highly used by the terrorists for their communication, there is a requirement for suspicious email detection system that defines emails to identify suspicious activities and create the administrator alert.

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