What is Mobile Database Security in information security?

A mobile database is said to be a database that can be related to by a mobile computing device over a mobile network .The client and server include wireless connections. A cache is maintained to hold recurrent information and transactions so that they are not lost due to connection failure.

A database is a structured manner to organize data. This can be a list of contacts, price data or distance travelled. The application of laptops, mobiles and PDAs is increasing and possible to augment in the future with successively more applications locating in the mobile systems.

Some applications like databases would require the ability to download data from an information storehouse and function on this information even when out of range or removed.

With the appearance of mobile databases, users can load up their smart phones or PDAs with mobile databases to substitute mission-critical information distantly without distressing concerning time or distance. Mobile databases enable employees to enter information on the fly. Information can be harmonized with a server database.

Database security is also an ability within the wider discipline of computer security. For some businesses applications are going mobile that imply using enterprise data in mobile context, thus using a mobile DBMS. With these new improvement the business data of an enterprise can be create obtainable to an even higher number of users and a wider range of applications than before.

The confidentiality of mission-critical information should be assured, although some mobile devices do not provide a secure surroundings for storage of such data. Security needs that use to a central company database should use identically and in a proper manner to the elements of the database replicated on mobile devices in the field.

A mobile database security infrastructure is needed to fulfill this objective. When producing such an infrastructure, it can advantage from the consequences of traditional database security work. But it can also need to adapt the recent techniques and approaches to the mobile context, and it is require to create new ones that attack some issues specific to use of database systems in mobile environment.

The need of databases in new businesses and governmental institutions is huge and mounting. Some mission-critical applications and business processes based on databases. These databases insert data of multiple amount of significance and discretion, and are used by a multiple users.

Integrity violations for a database can have a serious impact on the business phase; the revelation of confidential information in some cases has the same effect. Traditional database security provides techniques and approaches to handle such problems concerning database servers in a non-mobile context.

Updated on: 07-Mar-2022


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