What are the security issues in mobile database environment?

There are some security issues in mobile database environment which are as follows −

Data Security in mobile data transfer − Disconnections appear of ten in wireless communication. They can be forced by the user because of storing communication costs or be persuaded by faults. This situation can expose the data consistency, even without considering replicas. Disconnections are basically a problem of the fundamental layers of a database, but the database system is also answerable for preventing data loss in case of such unexpected disconnections with the help of transaction recovery.

Metadata Security in mobile data transfer − It includes a user profile, information about the current resource situation, information characteristics, location and time. The current whereabouts and particularly the movement of users are a matter of privacy, and conceptually only the user should have knowledge about these information.

Its protection is marked as the main special mobile security aim. The threat of maintaining user whereabouts appears on multiple layers. On the network layer, user location or presence in a specific radio cell, respectively, is managed to reach a mobile user to communicate with them. All user identification information including message origin and destination have to be secured with the help of cryptography to conceal a communication from multiple network users.

Data Security in Mobile Database Management and Access − The effects of disconnections as a specific resource condition are defined. An often neglected element in mobile communication includes the loss of mobile units. They are more likely to get lost than constant hosts and the consequences are lost information and confidentiality.

The only means to avoid loss of confidentiality is the usage of encryption and strong identification, authentication and access control mechanisms. These are no definite challenges to mobile computing. Just mobile devices are supported only with a very easy protection.

In specific situations, isolated computing without communication and its range of security threats is essential. But scarce resources such as small storage or power capacity could avoid such a computing situation. Moreover, scarce resources can cause faulty situations. The system cannot be able or the user can renounce from carrying out security approach. Both user and resource driven security can lead to restricted or dismissed security. A decision instance is needed to create what is to do, or to omit in such a situation.

Metadata Security in Mobile Database Management and Access − There is a security threat because of multiple trust levels of the infrastructure stations. In database environments, it have to extend our attention on the one hand from infrastructure Stations to all concerned fixed and mobile hosts and on the other hand to access control models.

Updated on: 07-Mar-2022


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