What is it like to have a cool dad, as opposed to a very strict one?

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I am very lucky. I have a super cool dad when compared to all of my friends. He never used to question me on when do I go out and when do I come back. He had a sort of confidence in me that I know what to do. And I think that made me the disciplined person I am today.

I remember when we were in college, all my friends used to get calls from homes in the night after nine and they used to lie about when they are coming home.

One would say, "dad, I will be there in 10 mins" and one would say "I am just down in the apartment complex. Will come in a min". When I get a call, I used to say "Dad, I am away for a snack. Will be home by 10 pm" and dad would say "Ok son, take care". And I used to be at home by 10 pm. My friends used to dodge and go home at 11 pm to get abused by their fathers.

I think because my dad was cool, I never had to tell lies. And I knew the value of my freedom.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24