What is difference between Sociopath and Psychopath?

A person who has some extreme qualities, which make him different from the others whereas being a Sociopath or a Psychopath are mental disorders. These two terms are often misunderstood. A sociopath is one who can feel remorse whereas a severe stage of Sociopath can be understood as a Psychopath. Which means, all Psychopaths are Sociopaths but all Sociopaths cannot be Psychopaths. Here is the difference:


A Sociopath is one who possesses an anti-social personality disorder. Though such a person seems as normal as anyone, he can spontaneously commit crimes but are usually less organized. They are less manipulative to the crime committed. Sociopaths can form attachments, can have emotions and can also feel remorse for their mistakes.

Though they are aggressive, you might not find them having a criminal background. But there are many chances that they can commit crimes under such aggressive conditions and even might not be able to manipulate their crimes in an organized way.


A severe form of Sociopathy might lead to Psychopathy. These Psychopaths are more likely to have some criminal mentality as it was found that 93% of the criminals are Psychopaths. You can observe such type of traits in terrorists. These people have no conscience, no remorse and no emotional feelings at all. It is likely that they look Charming.

They are the master of manipulating emotions for their selfish reasons. They lack empathy and can maintain physical and psychological balance to manipulate the communal hatred. It was found that the regions of the brain which respond to such things as decision making, social behavior and personality expression lack in them. Hence, they are entirely different.

A psychopath is more dangerous to the society than a sociopath. Also, it is better to treat a person while he is in a sociopath stage which when neglected can make him a psychopath.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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