What is COBIT in information security?

COBIT represents Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies. COBIT is an IT management framework developed by the ISACA to provide businesses develop, organize and execute strategies around information management and governance.

The COBIT Framework provides a tool for the business process owner that affect the discharge of business process tasks. COBIT is an IT-centric framework designed to provide users, businesses, and auditors with a standard approach for designing, implementing, and testing IT controls. This framework has been created and adopted by the Big N audit houses as a solution to some IT audit, compliance, and control problems.

The framework provide maturity models, critical success factors, main objective indicators, and implementation indicators, few use in organizing Information and related Technology. Moreover, COBIT defines control goals and audit guidelines to hold up its execution. These practice statements go into adequate element to teach an IT or audit practitioner in how to best implement the framework.

COBIT is represented by this process-flow statement. The control of IT Processes which convince Business Requirements is allowed by Control Statements enabling for Control Practices.

COBIT is a methodical framework for defining, executing, and reviewing IT controls. For audit organizations, such as internal or external, those are hoping to receive their hands around the often times demanding service of assuring that effective controls are in position on key systems (“budgetary significant” in the SOX terminology), then COBIT is exactly what the doctor ordered.

COBIT is not an information safety framework. Furthermore, it can execute COBIT within an organization defines dedicating an extraordinarily significant amount of resources to the service. In this day and age of reducing functional budgets and enhancing threats and narrow burden, it is not sensible to suppose that an organization can readily execute some COBIT.

COBIT is a global open standard that represent needs for the control and safety of sensitive information and provide a reference framework. COBIT provides a reference framework, was developed in the 1990s by the IT Governance Institute.

COBIT involves an executive summary, administration guidelines, framework, control objectives, implementation toolset and audit guidelines. Extensive support is provided, counting a record of critical success factors for dimensioning security program effectiveness and standard for auditing reasons. COBIT has been revised multiple times because inception and updates are available at regular intervals.

The reason of COBIT is to provide management and business process owners with an information technology (IT) governance model that provide in delivering value from IT and learning and organizing the risks linked with IT. COBIT provides bridge the gaps among business requirements, control requirements and technical problems. It is a control model to meet the requirement of IT governance and provide the reliability of data and information systems.

COBIT is used globally by those who have the essential responsibilities for business processes and technology, those who based on technology for applicable and dependable information, and those providing quality, dependability and organization of information technology.

Updated on: 08-Mar-2022


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