What is aqua yoga and how effective is it?

Aqua is a term related to water. So, Aqua yoga is basically a practice to perform the normal yoga poses in the bouncing, comforting and nourishing waters of the pool. Since everybody has become health conscious nowadays, so it is the latest trend indeed. Some people practice it because of its benefits, while others do so in order to simply enjoy the whole activity.

It has numerous benefits, just like swimming has. The difference between the two is that swimming is an exercise that tires both the mind and the body. But aqua yoga as the name suggests is a type of rejuvenating exercise that in fact energizes the body.

Benefits Of Aqua Yoga and Its Effectiveness

  • This yoga practice develops strength, one’s stationary balance, and increases flexibility in motion.

  • It is imperative healing of stiffness or any other muscle pain by stretching exercises and yogic postures.

  • Apart from relieving pain, it also treats anxiety and stress.

  • Certain yogic postures cannot be practiced on terrestrial plain or land. This yoga type helps perform yoga in water, so one can experiment with new forms and ways.

  • Aqua yoga is indeed a wonderful balancing act in water which improves one’s balance.

  • People suffering from joint pain can perform this awesome yoga variation which can simply reduce joint pain.

  • If one believes in spirituality, there is no denying in the fact that one gets a chance to connect spiritually with water element through these poses.

  • It is a sort of workout, so it improves endurance and encourages body detoxification and heals constipation.

  • By decreasing muscle spasm, it strengthens pelvic muscles.

Because of the highly beneficial traits, this form of yoga is gaining rapid popularity and interest among the people. It is being widely enjoyed by its practitioners as well as by trainers.