What is anaemia and what are its effects?

Anemia is a medical condition of the human body where the blood has less red blood cells count than the normal requirement of a healthy body. Anemia is caused when the production of red blood cells decreases or hemoglobin content in the red blood cells decreases.

Anemia can occur when there is excessive bleeding or blood loss as in accident cases or reduction in the red blood cells count due to malnutrition or some disease. The Red blood cells in the serum contain hemoglobin which is an iron-rich protein that gives blood its red color. This is due to Hemoglobin that red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body. When the oxygen supply to body parts decrease and carbon dioxide is not flushed out properly that will cause many health effects.

What are the effects of anemia?

  • Low count of healthy red blood cells and Iron deficiency in the body.

  • The decrease in the oxygen supplied throughout the body as red blood cells are oxygen carriers in the body results in Organs getting affected due to low supply of oxygen.

  • It causes reduction of hemoglobin in the blood as new red blood cells are not produced.

  • The body loses its ability to defend itself from diseases and hence the person tends to fall sick often.

  • The heart has to work harder to make up for the limited supply or lack of enough red blood cells and it causes fatigue to the person.

  • It may cause cancer and may even result in death.

Anemia is a treatable condition and can be cured through medication.