What is a Visitor Control in Information Security?

Visitor management is any procedure that provides an organization maintain track of the people that visit their areas. Policies can vary by organization, facility type, industry, or geographic areas.

For several organizations, simply collecting the visitor’s name is adequate, but others have larger security requirements such as badges, legal files, employee escorts, and more.

Visitor management systems are tools that provide organizations generate or carry out their visitor management policies. As organisation realize the value of visitor management, some are updating from the paper and pen sign-in sheet to a digital visitor management system that can support them do much more.

Visitor management Software is a system that tracks when someone introduce or leaves a building through access control. A visitor management software system can also involve video surveillance, which enables for more sophisticated tracking of visitors. It can provide administrators an efficient count of who’s in the building at any given time and create reports on who entered or left when and how they left.

Therefore, it becomes essential for an Organization to make a systematic approach for maintaining data of visitors, their purpose of visit and what they had to offer to the Organization. However, just maintaining the data of visitors may not be enough, unless such record can be analyzed for supporting insight into results or results of such visits made to the Organization by the Public or Stakeholders.

For example, it depends on the data of visitors and it can gain insight into whether the several meetings resulting from visits are being fruitful or it can analyze several proposals that were create by the visitors to the Organization.

Visitor Management is also associated to security element of an organization, especially when the Organization has to deal with general public as visitors like in the case of Government Offices, Public Services, places of tourist interest etc. In such a case, Visitor Management System needs to provide some visitors data are available for random checks based on some requirement for analysis in future. This Visitor Management Software also helps us by segregating pre-scheduled and random visits and thus store time.

Visitors can be controlled through the following process −

  • If the company includes more than about 15-20 people, issue visitor badges and boost staff to challenge unaccompanied visitors.

  • It can maintain a visitor book and log the times when visitors enter and leave the premises. It is used to maintain another signing-in/out list for sensitive areas, including computer rooms.

  • Consider CCTV in critical IT areas (e.g., server rooms) and reception areas.