What incident made you cry in public?

I saw an old handicapped man when I got stuck in the traffic signal. He was sick, skinny and had "no eyes" and playing the flute beautifully. I was mesmerized with that melody and looked at him. I got SHOCKED !!!

Yes, he was blind and not only that, he was without eyes!! There was nothing in that area, just an outer layer of the skin. I got shocked and literally stared at him for a few minutes. I was not able to believe what I saw just now. This situation brought tears to my eyes and I started crying in the public.

I gave him 100 Rupees along with a biscuit packet, which I had at that time and started my scooter. And then the whole day, I was feeling bad for him and realized the importance of just being physically normal.

The whole scenario made me think how lucky I am for not suffering such a hell-like situation. We are so blessed to have the basic things like a healthy physical body, a home to live, good clothes to wear and a job to earn enough to live comfortably. We should be eternally thankful to God for giving us such a great life.