What if a girl slaps you without any reason?

First of all, nobody slaps anyone for no reason. Even if a girl does, I will slap her back and that too very hard. I know what are you thinking after reading this.

What kind of creepy fellow is this? How can he slap a girl just like that? This is extremely inhuman, and blah, blah, blah….Right?

But don’t you guys think we become judgmental in no time. Yes, we do.

Just give it thought, what if I remain silent even after being badly thrashed by a silly girl who has hit me without thinking twice and at least without any clue. Just imagine what the public around me must be thinking of me? Maybe this:

“He must have done something.”

“No girl slaps without a reason.”

“Must have molested her”

“Let’s beat him”…..and what not?

This means one slap can turn an innocent guy into a molester in seconds. However, slapping her back may not 100% save me from being the soft target, but at least I would be happy that I answered her back. I think silence can cause me more damage than answering back.

Now, let’s assume a boy slaps you. What you do then? You will hit a solid punch or a kick in his balls…isn’t it? Then why not in the case of a girl.

I know many of you might not like my attitude and viewpoint, but guys I can’t take the shit.