What generally boys like in girls?

I am sure this question is intended to discuss something besides the appearance of girls and if not, I am going to disappoint many folks who hit this space to explore some raunchy stuff. So, this is what I personally like in girls.

  • No Girlish Tantrums − I hate girls who flaunt such idiotic moves every now and then. I know finding a girl with such uncommon trait is impossible, but I am all set to test my optimism.

  • Excessive Make-Up- −(When you talk about girls, appearance comes effortlessly. Helpless!!) I remember when I used to stay in a rented house close to a girl’s hostel, one of my friends started liking a girl who had blue eyes and fair complexion and this poor chap was craving to swim in the depth of her eyes. They initiated by exchanging smiles followed by some gestures and finally they started dating. One day, I saw my dear friend in tears. You know why? The cause of his agony was her eyes laced with blue contact lenses. Moreover, she was not so fair and used to wear layers of make-up to hide her pimples. I know these things hardly matter when you love someone, but what hurt him more than anything was the way things unleashed. She accidentally appeared in front of him during one of his random visits to her.

  • No Envy Please −I love girls who hardly talk about the matching attire her female colleague is in today. “You know, she has no clue how to carry a mini skirt or a jagging.” Seriously, yaar, such statements make me go bananas.

  • TTMM − You will not believe my first break-up occurred on the very first date I had. Actually, I asked my date to share the bill of the restaurant in which we met where I had only water and she had her favorite cappuccino layered with a heart on it, Cheese Pasta, Pad Thai, and the special Mojito Mocktail. She looked at me with a mixed feeling of shock and rage exactly like a character we seen in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps on whom the camera rolls around three four times. Her frowning face with apple-like redness on the cheeks and swelled up nostrils are hard to expunge from my memory.