What effect does green tea leave on the body if consumed right after the meal?

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Green tea is surely like an elixir for many of us because it promises a healthy lifestyle. Green tea is a great antioxidant, helps cut down fat, let you get rid of bad breath, empower your heart and protect it against many diseases. Despite being aware of so many health benefits of this magical beverage, for instance, what how does it impact when taken after meals… no na? Let’s dig out!

Take It Moderately

Being high on antioxidant, green tea carries the natural plant-based properties like tannins and flavonoids. Toxicity may occur if consumed in excess or can cause damage lever. Therefore, it is wise to take it max two or three cups a day.

Not to Take Empty Stomach

Many of us take green tea right after taking meals without understanding its effects on our body. In such a scenario, it can cause nutrient absorption. In clear terms, whatever is consumed by you can go without being absorbed properly due to the elements like caffeine and tannins act as a barricade. These elements can also dilute the gastric juices and you further face improper digestion. Doctors’ suggests that you should have it after or before at least half an hour.

Is it ok to have green tea on an empty stomach?


The inception of green tea dates back in the ages and it has been used widely in China and Japan since a long time. However, in the past a few decades, the popularity of this beverage is touching new zeniths. We can easily find people who describe the wide benefits of Green tea because it has helped them heal and improve their health to a large extent. Despite being extremely health, it very important to know whether it can be consumed on an empty stomach or not?

Positive and Negative Effects

Scientists are yet to discover the mystery whether it is good to have on an empty stomach or not. As of now, we can say, having it in such scenario may have both negative as well as positive impacts. A number of folks who takes it in the morning before anything else are happy to do so. However, it may depend on person to person.

Troubled Stomach

Compounds like tannis and caffeine are found in a good deal of green tea and they can simply boost acidity and it may further lead to stomach pain, nausea, constipation, and you may even vomit. If you observe such symptoms, stop taking it right there. Better you have it in between your meals or full stomach.

Anxiety and Sleep Issues

Like many other beverages, green tea also carries a certain amount of caffeine in it. If green tea is taken on an empty stomach, there are chances that it will leave intense and adverse effects due to caffeine.

Hit Iron Absorption

Our body has the natural ability to absorb iron which can be affected if green tea is taken on an empty stomach. Scientists have proved that the presence of catechins in green tea is responsible for causing this trouble. To avoid this, you need to have foods rich in iron during the whole day to make have those elements in your body which can fight against the negative effects of this beverage. If the problem persists, you need to consult your physician.

Potential Benefits of Having Green Tea

Weight Loss by Improving our Natural Digestive System

Green tea makes your digestive system happy. On an empty stomach, the process inside the digestive system are stable and this beverage naturally improves these processes. The key reason why green tea is extremely effective in reducing weight is the presence of polyphenols. Polyphenols can boost fat oxidation levels and further lead to weight loss.

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 10:29:23