What do you think when you are alone?

I think of so many things when I am alone. I think about what happened that day, some incidents about the past and how to face the future. Then I realize that the past is already gone why waste time thinking about that. Future is yet to come and nobody knows what happens tomorrow. Instead of suffering past and future, I decide to live in the present moment and enjoy my alone moments.

I can do so many things!!!

It is a rare opportunity to be alone at home for a working woman and mother of 2 kids. Whenever I get such rare moments in my life, I love to do so many things.

I would just sit and watch old Hindi songs on youtube (I love Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd.Rafi songs). I call my friends and talk to them in peace. Read my favorite books. I don't cook when I am alone, I will order something on Swiggy. Feel lazy and relax the whole day. I genuinely deserve to dedicate some time to myself in this busy life.