What do you believe in soulmates?

Many youngsters believe in soulmates. They feel that they have found their soulmate and can create a separate world for themselves together. And after a few years, we see that this feeling vanishes and they separate. If you really feel that you found your soulmate and you can live with them forever, then why people get divorced even after 10 years of relationship or married life? Is it possible to leave your soul and survive?

We see many people tied up in the wedlock, and do not dare to come out of the marriage for the fear of society or some other commitments. They feel their partner is not their soulmate. They are always unhappy in their life. I want to tell such people "Just leave that soulmate concept and try to live with what you have, or have the courage to come out and live your life without any regrets."

I do believe in soulmates, and also believe that you cannot find them overnight. I believe that perfect compatibility between two individuals will never exist. You have to make a soulmate over the years through a companionship that passes through agreement, disagreement, adjustment and forgiving each other and finally accepting them as they are. We need to have the desire to make it work and put conscious efforts, then only we can have a truly satisfying and long-term relationship with a person.

I believe we have to make our soulmates, not find them!!!