What could be the concept of happiness?

In philosophy, happiness means a good life. Happiness is an abstract noun, hence it can neither be seen nor be touched. There are other terms like contentment and well-being close to happiness.

Expectations reduce joy. He, who doesn’t expect, is healthy and at peace. One should be, thus independent, and thereby be happy. A "happy person" experiences the emotions just like anybody else on this planet, but the frequency by which they experience the negative emotions may differ.

Role of the Family In Happiness

Certain people are the happiest when they are with a family. As family really matters in shaping happiness and well-being. For instance, having Sunday lunch with the family makes us very happy.

Role of the Individual In Happiness

It is not wise to be dependent on others for everything, not even for our happiness. If we are happy, the world looks happy and vice-versa. It is rightly said, “Everything looks yellow to a jaundiced eye.”

Role of Society In Happiness

The society and the environment in which one lives decide our happiness to a major extent. Like, we feel joy when we know about a newborn baby in the neighborhood.

So, next time when you ask someone how happy you are on the scale of 1-10 to define, it has to be 10 if we understand that majorly of our happiness is in our hands only.