What could be some easy exercises that could be done sitting on a chair in office?

Long working hours in today's work environment is something inevitable and if we do not keep our posture right, it turns into many deformities, which further lead to diseases like survival spondylitis, etc. It's true that due to the scarcity of time many of us are unable to exercise, yet there are a few of them can prove to be highly beneficial.

1. Sit straight and focus on one point or object placed right in front of you. The constant gazing will not only help in improving your vision and concentration but also your posture as you tend to remain straight.

2. While sitting on a chair, stretch your arms, fold up your fingers to make a fist, reopen and again make a fist. Repeatedly doing this will increase the flexibility of the joints in hand.

3. Stretch your leg from your knee on a level parallel to the floor. It might hurt a bit, but with practice, it will become less painful. But those suffering from arthritis should not do it.

4. Remove your slippers and sit in 'Sukhaasana' on your chair, if you do not feel shy in the office doing the same.

5. Fold your hands and take them onto your spine just as you used to 'stand at ease' while your P.T. classes in school. The only difference being this time you are not standing but sitting.

6. Sitting in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor, place your hands and try raising your body off the chair. Extend your arms straight and allow your hips to lift up off the chair. Hold this position or push up and down to work the backs of the arms more.

These simple exercises will help in getting the optimum benefits without even spending much of the time.