What changes can the Li-Fi technology bring to the users?

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The Li-Fi technology is the emerging form of data transfer where the binary data is transferred in the form of flickering lights. It is the subset of Optical wireless communication (OWC). Li-fi or Light Fidelity can transmit data with a lightning fast speed, which is up to 100 times faster than the traditional Wi-Fi. The data is sent by the flickering of an LED bulb by billions of times in a second, which means a normal human eye cannot be able to notice the flickering.

What Do You Need?

As the data transmission is done using light, it cannot pass through walls. In the other sense, the data transmission is secured. This uses Optical Atto Cell network, as the opticalatto cells emitted by LEDs are smaller in size than radio frequency Femtocells which are being used now.

The hardware that a Li-Fi needs for functioning are only three things.

  • An LED lighting system

  • A router (along with lighting system)

  • A receiver with decoder (to decode the flickers)

With these minimum things, you can set up a Li-Fi communication system. Hence, there is no need for extra infrastructure. No wiring, router, and no mess. The LED bulbs which we use in our homes or even cell phones can work as the connection providers.

In the field of Communications

This Li-Fi technology is the new emerging trend where there is no need for additional pieces of equipment. As the visible light spectrum will be extensively used for transmission and establishing communication, little exposure to electromagnetic radiation will be there. The public internet access will be much secured and will be even faster.

Witness A Great Change

These things are going to change the face of communications world within a short time, as billions of data can be transferred in a fraction of seconds. Aircraft and hospitals where the usage of Wi-Fi is a problem can use this technology for communication. The Li-Fi communications are possible in industrial areas where the RF communications can cause antenna sparks and the usage of electromagnetic waves will be of great interference and security issue.

Covers A Larger Domain

This new technology also enables the auto-piloted cars to communicate with their LED headlights and all the street lights on a road can be made Li-Fi zones to transmit data. The dead zones where RF signals cannot be transmitted, the subway stations and tunnels can use Li-Fi technology for communication during disasters where the RF signals won’t work. These help a lot in Underwater applications and also for Military communications. The places where there will be no access to Bluetooth, infrared, RF communications and where no Wi-Fi works, the Li-Fi will always be ready to serve, providing greater security as it is impenetrable through opaque substances.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24