What can we learn from the movie 'Amar Akbar Anthony'?

  • One should not have many kids.

  • If you have too many kids, never leave them alone.

  • Be a smuggler, but never be inhuman.

  • Never underestimate your enemy.

  • Know your enemy’s every move.

  • Blood recognizes blood no matter where you are.

  • Never challenge a true cop, even if he is in your area and in uniform.

  • If you’re Amitabh Bachchan, drink and talk to the mirror because the audience loves it.

Amar Akbar Antony

  • Don’t do weird things to woo a girl because it suits only on Mr. Bachachan.

  • Bring up even your enemy’s daughter with utmost care.

  • Never use her as a weapon against the enemy.

  • Filmmakers Use different playback singer for each character (Song-Humko Tumse)

  • Rather than seeing six-packs, test his brain before you pick someone as your daughter’s bodyguard.

  • Girls were never, are and will be interested in folks having only a macho physique.

  • Sense of humor is the key to woo a girl.

  • Have compassion for others.

  • Mother’s blessings are magical.

  • No matter you’re a 'mawali', even the doctor girl will be yours if you can sing ‘Kawalli’.

  • Masala films were, are, and will be a profitable deal if made with some freshness.

  • Not by quarreling, but win the love with LOVE.

  • Never try ‘Honey-Trap’ on a smart cop even if you are Ranjeet.

  • You can do a sin of removing the big sinner of the society.

  • And yes, never forget to confess it in the confession room in a church.

  • Have trust in God.