What are the ways of security implementation in storage networks?

The different ways of security implementations in storage network includes the following −

  • An overall IT and security risk assessment study has been completed including threat probabilities and overall business impacts.

  • This will set a context and basis to develop a credible storage network security plan.

  • Overall IT security objectives and advised spending levels and budgets are in place so that a storage security plan can be developed in context.

  • Requirements for compliance reporting have been established so that the storage network security implementations can give the overall reporting system.

Types of Storage network security implementations

Accordingly, there are three types of storage network security implementations and they are as follows −


In this type of security, it includes written policies and procedures about who is owned to accessed data, protection and contingency plans in case of data emergencies, security breaches and network security training.


These security measures include controlling physical access to data records. Physical strategies are basically focused on protecting against insider and close-in attacks.


Technological types are meant to secure data communications from being by anyone else other than the intended recipient. These strategies help to protect against active, passive and distribution attacks.

Depending on risk, complexity, cost, and skill sets these approaches will be implemented.