What are the new developments of cellular networks?

Cellular network is fundamental technology for mobile phones, personal communication systems, wireless networking etc. The technology is planned to replace high power transmitter/receiver systems for cell radio phones. For data transmission, cellular networks use lower capacity, shorter range, and more transmitters.

It is not a complete wireless technology because the cellular network refers to a large area of mobile networks that is used for network access.

A mobile device is linked to its base station using an air-based interface and also using a physical and link layer protocol.

Every base station is connected to the Mobile Switching Centre to help set up a call and mobility network by connecting mobile phones to wide area networks. Whereas, devices used in wireless networks are used to access the internet.

For example, wireless fidelity is a network device used to connect to the WLAN network to access the internet and a wireless access point, AP.

Cellular networks rely on the availability of network ranges and Wi-Fi has a limited range.

New Developments in Cellular Network

Now let us understand certain new developments in the field of cellular networks.

Step 1 − The data range of volume increased by the introduction of 5G networks in mobile phones.

Step 2 − It is now offering a large capacity.

Step 3 − The power optimisation developments came to the fore in mobile networks.

Step 4 − Provides new end to end QOS.

Step 5 − The development of Voice Over LTE which enables a cost-effective mode of communication.

Step 6 − It had a huge impact on cellular networks.


The different applications of cellular network are as follows −

  • Used to transmit data.

  • It can Transmit Voice.

  • Accessed via mobiles.

  • It can be used as a cellular radio.

Future of mobile networks

The future of mobile networks is explained below in a stepwise manner −

Step 1 − As we all know that now we must insert a sim card in the mobiles.

Step 2 − As the recent and latest trend, a research is going on to remove the use of SIM.

Step 3 − That means that a new huge impact is coming soon which will eliminate the use of sim cards for cellular networks.

Step 4 − It allows users to integrate the cellular code into it so that it catches the tower signals.

Step 5 − Hence, the use of a sim card is removed by a virtual sim which generates a program to accept a sim.

Step 6 − We can even use multiple sims without a Sim card.