What are security features and risks in cellular 4G networks?

4G cellular network is the 4th generation of cellular communications.

Features of 4G

4G cellular network comes up with many features as follows −

  • 10x high speed as compared to 3G

  • The cost is also less for each bit used.

  • It is highly secured too.

  • It comes up with LTE i.e. Long term evaluation which refers to high-speed data connection for mobile devices.

Security Features

Security features of 4G cellular networks are the different types of security measures a 4G network possesses. These security features are explained below −

  • Configuration of security − It is the most beautiful feature of the 4g network that a user can check that the security operations are functional or not. If the user finds it's not working that user can report and save him/her self.

  • User Security − In this security measure, we check that the access to the mobile stations by the user should be secure. This makes the 4G network more secure as the transmission is secured.

  • Application Security − It is responsible for establishing a secure connection at the application layer where the security is at its high risk. This feature makes it possible to be secured always

  • Network domain security − It is responsible for the secure transmission of data over the network. It also prevents signals and many elements of the network.

  • Network Access security − It is responsible for the secure access of the user to the service.

These are some security features of 4G cellular networks that make the 4G network a secured network to use but It is also true that nothing is perfect so 4G cellular network also has some limitations so let's talk about security risks of the 4G cellular network.

Security risk

We shall talk about the risk one by one as explained below −

  • As the speed increases in the 4G network, it simply means that the bandwidth increases so when you use 2G and 3G connection, you use 26 kb to 256 kb but now in 4G, we use up to 150 Mbit 4G networks. This increases the area of attack for cybercriminals.

  • They consume your new bandwidth which you pay to use 4G but instead, they are using your bandwidth and you still get the 3G speed. This is also known as Architectural private network (APN) flooding which is responsible for connecting mobile with 4G network.

  • So when you use 3G, all the traffic goes into Core IP address but in 4G is an IP based network and it can travel from one mobile to another with the help of APN.

  • Thus, this makes 4G less secure as one mobile can leak the information of other mobiles. Therefore, this is also a very high risk in 4G.

  • The VoLTE service in the 4G network which means that voice over LTE that we can now use the call feature with the internet. This is a good feature but it also comes with can danger as many attackers use the VOIP for the attacks on Volte that makes Volte vulnerable.

So these are some main security risks with the 4G cellular network which makes sense that nothing can be perfect.

Updated on: 15-Sep-2021

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