What are the top 5 nail colors to use in this summer?

When you talk about the summer season, few things come to your mind like cools dresses, nice sandals, shades, nail colors, etc. And you will look very attractive and seductive if you try some nail colors in that situation, as when you roam around the beaches, join some pool parties or simply walking down the streets.

Here is the list of top 5 nail colors to use in summer:

Cherry Red

  • It is one of the best classical nail colors.
  • It always remains on trend during the summer season for every girl.
  • Females like it because it looks adorable on every skin tone.
  • Its color is very striking in the sun, that is why it is always used on nails in the summer.

Berry Pink

  • For charming girls, the pink color is indispensable nail color.
  • During summer, pink color brightens up your nails and attracts other’s attention.
  • If you sue pinkish nail color, then you are considered young and energetic.

Denim Blue

  • Using this color will make you look younger and fashionable.

  • Along with the cherry red, berry pink, the denim blue is also an eye-catching color, so you should put it in your own beauty bag.


  • If you like stronger nail color tone, orange is the best option.

  • It helps to catch everyone’s eye and represents your strong characteristics.

  • Orange nail color helps to renew your style statement and make you more attractive in the summer.


Finally, I wanted to remind you all of the nude nail colors because it gives an extra charm to your personality.

  • This color can be used by almost all the girls in any season.

  • Nude polish color is basically produced for girls who are quiet and graceful.

  • Consider the nude tone because it is always one of the hottest trends for every girl in summer.