What are the things you should avoid while talking or texting girls?

Boys have a different way of thinking and so do girls. Talking or texting to fairer sex can turn tricky if not done in the right way. Girls are known to be good with words, and so, one wrong word can end your relationship even before it begins. So, let’s see which are the mistakes a boy should avoid while talking or texting girls.

  • Avoid using abbreviations as this actually irritates women. Although texting is a casual option, there are still some rules that you must follow. So, before you say “m dne” or “u out?”, think twice. That kind of spelling skills can annoy a girl right at the first instance.

  • Avoid being distracted from what the girls are saying and rather pay attention. it’s extremely important to keep the conversation going on both ends. The moment you lose attention she will get the hint and resent.

  • There could be no bigger sin than getting into an argument or a fight with the fairer sex on the text. Texting is a casual way of communication and any words said in anger can be misinterpreted as the girl can neither see your facial expressions or hear your tone. So, avoid getting into arguments or text fights.

  • Being too inquisitive about a girl’s life and asking her random questions before even you know can kill the interest of the girl before even it starts developing. So, avoid getting intrusive and instead let her finish.

  • Avoid looking away from the girl as you talk to her, because that may show your disinterest in the conversation. So, ensure that you maintain eye contact with the girl while talking.

  • Avoid talking over the girl amid a conversation, as this is something that’s a big turn off for girls. They would not like someone to dominate them, so fast. Make her feel important by lending an attentive ear and talking about her.

  • When you text her, wait for sometime to get the response. Avoid showing yourself needy to the girl. So, send the text and forget about it. If she replies back in a few minutes or hours, she is interested. If she replies back at the end of the day, then she is clearly not interested.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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