What are the situations people sell even their organs?

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Human beings are the most blessed living beings when it comes to anatomy. We are gifted with the organs that do their functions effectively and different systems in our body keep their work independent yet complement each other in maintaining our health.

While we consider organs to be a gift of nature to us, there are circumstances when people even sell their organs mainly kidneys. God have given us two kidneys and many people survive with one kidney functioning well. People take this as an advantage and this is the reason why human beings are considered one of the most complex creatures to understand owing to the brains and the intensity of the human mindset. It is depressing that selling of organs happens in extreme circumstances. Following points articulate when and how such instances can happen.

  • Financial crisis − One of the major factors that force people to even sell their organs is a financial problem. There are many cases covered in the daily news where people cannot meet the ends of a day. There are instances when money is a dire necessity in the family e.g. education of the child, wedding of daughter especially in the rural areas, repay a debt that has been taken, etc.

  • Organ Trading − At such points, a person who has nothing precious left sell the organs of a body to any rich needy person and fetch a lot of money. Here comes the dimension of exploitation of marginalized sections of the society. When the poor people are not aware of the amount that has to be received for their organs, they are paid the trivial price for it and unfortunately continue to remain in their poverty circle. Hence, many also fight against organ trade as it leads to trafficking at one point.

  • The craze for money and luxury − The incident of the person who sold his kidneys to buy an iPhone became popular globally highlighting people’s craze for luxury. This is another situation where people have their necessities but want something extraordinary which is sometimes beyond the normal framework of their monthly income. These are the people who do not sign up for organ donation camps but sell them for things like electronic items which do not last for more than 5 years.

While we discuss issues where the reasons for selling organs have only a financial angle to it, organs are donated to the family members during medical emergencies as well. Organ trade is becoming a highly debated issue and there cannot be one perspective justifying if it’s correct or incorrect to sell organs and whether it should have a legal status in any country.

Updated on 27-Jun-2020 13:44:55