What are the qualities of a best friend?

It is said that a person can make friendships very quickly, but sustaining those friendships and turning them into lasting and valuable relationships take time. People often say good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep.

Every person is a completely independent character, for whom a friend can be considered as a partial identity. We somehow find some similarities in making a person your best friend.

Some important qualities of a person who can be a best friend are:

  • Take care: Your friend always warns you about the negative consequences you may face when you are going to take crucial decisions in your life. A good friend always wants you to be safe and successful.

  • Yes !! You Can: A good friend always encourages when you are on a good note, taking some new steps to transform yourself or changing your routine to be productive. He encourages to do something which is good for you. He will be the one who taps on your shoulder and gives you confidence in your decision.

  • Keeps Your Secrets: Ssshh!!! You might forget that you said it is a secret, but a true friend will never ever reveal anything of such sort and not even a hint of it to anyone. His trustworthiness proves him to be your best pal forever.

  • You are a WOW: Your friend is the one who encourages you whenever you feel demotivated and tired of trying. He becomes a driving force of your confidence and reminds you of your achievements and fills your spirit with life!

  • Supportive: A friend is your mark of pride who never lets you down in Public. He always supports you in front of others, though you might be wrong at times.

  • It’s Your Fault: Whenever you are going wrong or did something stupid, then it is he who warns you in private, explaining the mistakes you did. It is he who throws light on your weak areas where you need to improve and still keeps the matter between you both only.

  • I am there for you: You are never alone when your friend is alive. Whatever might happen and how deep troubles you are in, your friend will always be there for you. He can never leave you alone when you are in a problem.

You may not always be together, still, a best friend can always be a heartbeat away. Though you both are too busy to spend a gala time together like good old times, when you need his help, he is always ready!! No mess and no sarcasm. A friend is a friend.

Having such a friend is great! But being such a friend is greatest!!