What are the natural ways to dry hair quickly and naturally?

It is true that regular use of hairdryer damages the hair. Instead of that let us follow some natural ways to dry hair quickly without using a hairdryer.

  • You can start the drying process by gently squeezing excess water from the hair immediately after a shower. Once you squeeze the excess water, comb with your fingers through the hair and it will release the remaining water.

  • After coming out of shower shake your hair dry. You can turn your head upside down and shake it. The shaking will shed off the excess water as the clumps are broken which holds the water.

  • Use a microfiber towel to tie your hair into a turban. Leave the hair in a turban for 15 minutes and carry on with your other works like breakfast and ironing etc., After 15 minutes your hair will be almost dry, as the towel will absorb the excess water in the hair acting as a blotting paper.

  • If you have some more time, sit in the sun. The direct sun rays will dry your hair within no time.