What are the most selfish acts you have ever witnessed?

I have witnessed this astonishing selfish act by my so-called best friend and was shocked. Even today, I cannot forget the incident.

When we were in our graduation, my friend Rohini and I, had to attend a wedding of one of our classmates in Karimnagar. Therefore, we thought about it and made a plan and decided to go by APSRTC bus because that is safe and economical for two young girls. Even the bus station was near to our College hostel. We enquired in the Bus station, and there was an AC bus starting at 10 a.m. from Jubilee Bus Station and we would reach Karimnagar by 2.00 p.m. in the afternoon. The marriage was at 8.00 p.m.in the night, same day. We had ample time to freshen up and participate in the marriage. We were happy that we made a good and sensible plan.

We decided to stay back for the night with the marriage party and start early in the morning, the next day. Everything was set. We spoke to the bride, our classmate and she was very happy that we are attending her wedding and made arrangements for our night stay also. We started packing our stuff feeling excited to have a good time at the wedding.

Around the 9'o clock in the morning, we were about to start from the hostel for the bus station, there arrived a luxurious car with Rohini's other friends. They were also attending the same wedding and there were two boys and one girl. They asked Rohini to join them because there was one place vacant in the car and said "Why do you want to travel by bus? Let us enjoy our ride in the car". Rohini got so excited and immediately she said "YES!!" without a second thought.

I was taken back. She did not think about me for even a single second. "How can you be so selfish? What about me? How can I come alone?", I wanted to shout on Rohini. But could not utter a single word. She did not even turn back to ask me how would I come.