What are the major qualities that a girl wants in her life partner?

A right life partner is someone who acts as a catalyst in your success and a pillar of support in each and every day of your life. A girl who is kind and sensitive at heart and yet a career-oriented one with targets in life aspire to get the right partner who stays as her pillar of support.

Here are some major points that every girl hunts for in her partner for a life-long commitment.

  • Educational Qualifications − It is one of the most important points that a girl sets a standard or bar for her partner. A highly qualified partner not only gives the assurance of economic security to the girl but educational qualifications to a major extent influences the thinking process of a person and he also has a chance of better job prospects even in future.

  • Trust − One quality which is considered a prerequisite for any girl in her partner is having faith/ trust in her. Trust forms the foundation of any relationship and hence, a girl expects her partner to keep faith in her and be trustworthy as well. This helps in nurturing the partnership by giving each other the necessary space and comfort zone.

  • Gender equality − This is extremely important for the ambitious girl who has a major set of goals to be achieved in life. Such a girl expects her partner to be the protector of gender equality and does not discriminate the work on the basis of gender role. He should be someone who respects the dignity of women.

  • Believer of Liberty − A woman cherishes and craves for liberty to pursue her hobbies and also to progress in her career. Hence, it is extremely important that a partner believes in liberty to be given to his wife to pursue her dreams. Liberty is after-all essential for an individual to be the best version of themselves.

  • Being empathetic − Every girl also is clear about the fact that love in her partner should not be in the form of lust. It should encompass other traits like mercy, compassion, empathy towards his partner, her family, friends and an empathetic outlook for society in general.

  • Decision making − The partner should be an apt decision-maker. This particular trait is looked into by every girl because it is the tackling skills of the partner in any situation of life that makes him successful in maintaining and cherishing the relationship. Protecting a relation is very similar to being an entrepreneur.

  • Honest Communication − Hidden thoughts and emotions are considered to be the most dangerous part of the relationship by a girl. Thus, a girl expects her partner to communicate all the emotions, feelings and thoughts openly and honestly.