What are the indications of Diarrhea in babies? Suggest some good treatment options.

  1. Thirst is the first indicator of dehydration. So, look for it. Sunken eyeballs and fontanelle also indicate dehydration.

  2. A child suffering from diarrhea loses too much fluid from his/her body. Hence, it's very important for the baby to be hydrated enough at frequent intervals to maintain/balance the loss of fluid.

  3. A child who dies from diarrhea dies from dehydration.

  4. Use a salt-sugar solution (sss) to prevent your child from dehydration. A glass of water with a spoon of sugar in small quantity and mixed with a pinch of salt should be given to a child suffering from the illness.

  5. An ideal way of (SSS) is 5 teaspoons in every 10 minutes.

  6. Too much sugar and salt in rehydration fluid are injurious to health.

  7. You can also prepare ORS and feed the child before you go out for work - 50 to 100 cc/kg in every 4 hours.

  8. Use medications for diarrhea only on doctor's advice (zinc is needed). Other medicines for diarrhea do more harm than good.

  9. Do not stop breastfeeding during diarrhea. Diarrhea is not worsened by feeding the baby. The worst treatment of this illness is to stop giving food and fluids to the child.

  10. Mop the Floors twice a day as it helps prevent diarrhea

  11. Malnutrition can also be a major cause of diarrhea, so it's better to avoid it. Diarrhea, in turn, leads to malnutrition.

  12. To prevent diarrhea; continue breastfeeding, use proper sanitation, give measles vaccine, wash hands before touching food, keep water and food clean, give vitamin A to your baby, and control house flies.