What are the health benefits of drinking jeera water daily?

Jeera is the most common ingredient found in every Indian kitchen. We Indians use jeera in almost every curry we cook to enhance its taste. But many are not aware of the wonderful benefits we get by drinking jeera water every day. It provides a whole lot of nutrients and helps in keeping obesity in check. Jeera water also aids in digestion and boosts one's immune system.

How to prepare jeera water − Take one litre of water and add two tablespoons of jeera to it. Jeera should be preferably whole and raw. Roasted or powdered jeera will lose some nutrients. The water should be boiled for 4-5 mins. There will be a slight change in the color of water. Stop boiling after 5 mins and allow the water to cool. Strain the solution and store in a cool dry bottle and drink throughout the day. It's better to prepare jeera water every day, rather than storing it in bulk.

Now let us discuss the health benefits of drinking this wonder drink, Jeera water every day as first thing in the morning. It can be taken by adding honey or lemon or simply plain jeera water also. It does wonders with your immune system and overall health.

Improves Digestion − Jeera water stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and helps in improving digestion. Regular intake of a glass of jeera water every day can improve digestion significantly and also keeps in check stomach disorders like diarrhea, flatulence, nausea or morning sickness as well as dyspepsia. Above all, it clears toxins from the body.

Fights water retention − Water retention in the body is caused by excess intake of salts and health problems like low potassium levels in the body and thereby a person feels bloated all the time. A glass of jeera water intake every day early in the morning might help in reducing and preventing water retention.

Boosts Immune System − Jeera being an excellent source of iron besides potassium, helps in building one's immune system. Jeera is also very rich in antioxidants and helps in fighting free radicals and thereby lowers the risk of infections. It also contains vitamins like A, C and other minerals which boost your immunity and keeps you away from a lot of infections and communicable diseases.

Treats Anaemia − Drinking Jeera water every day helps in treating anemia as it is a good source of Iron. Iron the most vital mineral of the body which plays a key role in forming red blood corpuscles and improves the percentage of hemoglobin in human blood. Being a good source of Iron, drinking jeera water also helps lactating mothers.

Improves Respiratory System − Drinking a glass of Jeera water every day will have a positive impact on your respiratory system because it has anti-congestive properties which help in diluting the mucus accumulated in the chest. It also has great antiseptic properties, which kill the microorganisms causing cold, cough and fever.

Fights Insomnia − Cumin Water consumption has also proved to be a great relaxant. Insomnia or sleeplessness can be treated with medicines to relieve stress and anxiety and also proper intake of vitamin B-complex. All these properties are inbuilt in Jeera water and simply by consuming this water every day people can fight insomnia successfully.

Fights Obesity − Consuming Jeera water regularly helps in losing weight. Because cumin water boosts your metabolism as it is rich in fiber, it suppresses appetite and controls your cravings. It being a powerful detoxifying agent, helps in losing excess weight.

Skin Friendly − Jeera water nourishes the skin. As we have discussed it has great antioxidant properties and helps in fighting free radicals and toxins of the body. This will help in fighting acne and blemishes. And hence, helps your skin to glow naturally by making it smooth and clear. It acts as a great anti-aging agent also due to the presence of vitamin A and Vitamin E.