What are the effective methods of Teaching and Learning?

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Teaching can be effective when the method of teaching and the effect of teaching are evaluated. Feedbacks are important for the improvement of teaching methodology. Learning can be effective if the concept learned can be re-explained by the learners. Teachers play a big role in creating the opportunities and environments that invite learning.

The Visible Teaching- Visible Learning by John Hattie emphasizes on innovative methods of teaching which believes “When teachers see learning through the eyes of the student and when students see themselves as their own teachers” both teaching and learning will be effective.

Activity Based Learning

Since 1997, activity-based learning is showing good results in children’s learning standards. There have been many improvements globally in this type of learning, where a child learns and understands by doing some activity. This has been actually an extension of the idea of “teaching aids” previously implemented by teachers. Teaching methods can be made more effective when they take the help of technological advancements.

MET (Measures of Effective Teaching)

The MET project has proved that the introduction of visible teaching and visible learning concepts bring a lot of change in the perception of concepts from the student point of view. These techniques help teachers to evaluate their teaching while they help students to learn the concepts clearly that they can be their own teachers.

Published on 18-Jan-2019 12:12:29